Human Resource Values

A country relies on talents to sustain; a business depends on talents to boom. Talents are fundamental for enterprise development, and the first productive force to promote the business to have a great-leap-forward development. Sunnytaste attaches importance to team building by introducing through many channels, training talents with an efficient mechanism, and providing a large platform for talents promotion in order to provide a good support for the enterprise to stand out in the fierce competition.

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In terms of talent introduction,Sunnytaste has established a high-standard and moderately advanced talent introduction mechanism, and opened up campus recruitment, social recruitment, overseas introduction and other channels, in order to recruit more capable personnel after strict screening.

In terms of talent training, Sunnytaste has established a comprehensive and systematic training system, with cultural integration as the key, planning management as the core and employee capability enhancement in practice as the foothold, in order to cultivate a number of hardworking and pioneering Sunnytaste people.

In terms of talent promotion,the rapid and diversified development of Sunnytaste has provided broad development space and promotion platforms for all Sunnytaste people.The employees’ subjective initiatives have been brought into full play, and their intrinsic potentials have been fully developed, thereby having formed good atmosphere of incentives within the company.

Respect the worthy and employ the capable; put talented people in key positions, then all the shi of the realm will be pleased and will want to be members of your court.The ambitious business objectives, the advanced management system and the scientific incentives have forged a group of a highly educated and highly qualified “invincible army” for Sunnytaste.Sunnytaste currently has 2,000 employees. Among them, more than 91% of engineering and management personnel have Bachelor's degree or above, and the management team have real estate development and management experience for more than 22 years on average, including one management professor and doctoral tutor, 4 doctors and 4 masters.The loftyideal, unswerving value andindomitable executive force of Sunnytaste men have brought out an efficientfollow-upenterprise culture, the united working atmosphere and the perfect value system, which have becomea good forceof multiple miracles achieved.

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