SunnyTaste Group Accepting Interview with Hubei TV, Putting the Safety of Agricultural Products First

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On June 12, 2018, SunnyTaste Group was invited to participate Hubei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Promoting Green Production of Vegetable Fruit Tea to Ensure Quality Safety Symposium & “Agricultural Products Quality Safety Jing-Chu Travel” as one of the two preferred enterprises in Hubei Province, gathering together with experts and scholars from various industries to talk about the quality safety of vegetable fruit tea, the improvement of quality and the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and gave a keynote speech entitled “Establishing the Concept of Green Development and Improving the Quality of Agricultural Products Brand”. The visit of SunnyTaste Group received high attention from all sectors of society. From June 28 to 29, WANG Meng, Director of Hubei TV News Channel and Jingmen TV reporter came to SunnyTaste Group for a special interview.

SunnyTaste Group Inc.

 (Chairman of the Board of SunnyTaste Group CHEUNG, WA Accepting Interview)

After two days of in-depth interviews, Director WANG Meng took SunnyTaste organic grape as a starting point to analyze how SunnyTaste Group ensures product quality and safety in four aspects.

SunnyTaste Group Inc.

 (Manager of Planting & Deep-Processing Company of SunnyTaste Group LIU Jian Accepting Interview)

First, we will strictly shut down agricultural input. SunnyTaste Group firmly prohibits the use of harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, red-promoting agents, preservatives and other agents. Professional quality and safety training will be conducted for every relevant technician, and the concept of “Saving the Table and Providing Safe Food” is rooted in the heart of every employee.

SunnyTaste Group Inc.

 (CHEUNG, WA Visiting the Grape Quality Inspection Site)

Second, we will carry out strict inspection and testing. SunnyTaste Group has hired professional inspection and testing experts and technicians and formulated five product inspection standards. It is not only our product inspection center, but also the important link in uniting with the national agricultural products base when strict selection of commodity by SunnyTaste Group, in future it will also become the regional food and agricultural and sideline products testing center to provide technical support and guarantee for agricultural and sideline products and food quality safety of the whole city and surrounding cities.  

SunnyTaste Group Inc.

 (Manager of Inspection Center of SunnyTaste Group, WANG Chuan Hua Accepting Interview)

Third, we will strictly follow up the quality. Based on research and development of high and new quality agricultural products, SunnyTaste Group takes the lead in introducing a quality traceability system. Let each product produced and co-produced by SunnyTaste Group has its own identity card (qr code), from field to transportation to thousands of households, the quality and safety can be seen with confidence.

 SunnyTaste Group Inc.

 (Director of Jingmen Green Food Management Office YU Xiao Bing Accepting Interview)

Fourth, we will carry out strict clearance. With its own direct sales channels, SunnyTaste Group has set up strict selection and collection of green agricultural products and fresh chain stores “XinTaiTai” in several cities, to meet the demands of the middle and high-end market in pursuit of the quality of food materials. The products required by chain stores are mainly supervised by SunnyTaste “Self-Production+ Strict Selection”, which ensures first-hand operation from production to sales, and ensures the stability of the output quality of agricultural products.

SunnyTaste Group is committed to adhering to the agriculture as the core of the enterprise foundation, and taking “Saving the table, Providing safe food” as the goal pursued by SunnyTaste people, always keeping up with the government, be strict with the quality of agricultural products, further comprehensive upgrade our products and services, make efforts to create value for society and public, so that the general public can eat healthy and safe agricultural products.

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