Representatives of Major Travel Agencies in Hubei Province Visiting SunnyTaste Group Inc.

2018-01-26 14:03:01 webadmin 12

    On Jan. 19, 2018, Hubei ECOTIC Co., Ltd., Yichang Feiyang Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Lanxing (Wuhan) Tourism Investment Management Co., Ltd., Jingmen Haiyan International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Zhongxiang Mochou Village, Jingmen Aifeike Aviation Club Co., Ltd., Zhanghe Sunshine Beach, Feixingjia (Jingmen) Investment Management Co., Ltd., and representatives other major travel agencies came to SunnyTaste Group for visiting. CEO of SunnyTaste Group HAO Yong Kang, Assistant to Chairman of the Board YANG Mao Lan and Assistant to COO YANG Fei Fei warmly received representatives of various travel agencies. 



     Representatives of major travel agencies visited Development Center, Tanks Camp, Agricultural Culture Park, Chateau, and other tourism projects in SunnyTaste Eco-agricultural Park (Cheqiao Main Park), they tasted original ecological dishes produced by SunnyTaste Group, listened to the detail introduction of various fresh and deep processing products by the workers, and gave high evaluation to the products. During the lunch, CEO of SunnyTaste Group HAO Yong Kang gave a speech, and introduced current development and future vision of SunnyTaste Group. 

    The visit is a deep docking of the various subjects in the tourism industry of Hubei Province, which is significant for constructing Audio-technica of Zhanghe-Aifeike-SunnyTaste Group tourism, and providing tourists with a more hierarchical tourism experience projects. 

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