SunnyTaste Group was Invited to Join Ecological Agriculture Excellent Communication Platform --Yuanwei Farm Alliance

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      On Jan. 17, 2018, representatives of domestic ecological agriculture communication platform-Yuanwei Farm Alliance came to visit SunnyTaste Eco-agricultural Park (Cheqiao Main Park) for special investigation and exchange of SunnyTaste Group joining Yuanwei Farm Alliance and becoming its original member. COO of SunnyTastse Group JIA Hong Bo and the Assistant to the Chairman of the Board YANG Mao Lan warmly received the delegation of Yuanwei Farm Alliance.  


      JIA Hong Bo said that: We are glad to become original member of “Yuanwei Farm Alliance”, the concept of “Finding the source flavor of agricultural products; Experiencing the source flavor of agricultural life” adhering by the alliance and the new planning of “Green Garden Complex” of SunnyTaste Group have common development direction, we hope to cooperate with each other to provide more ecological and organic products and better travel experience for our customers in the future.  


      During this period, the secretary-general of Yuanwei Farm Alliance YU Le awarded SunnyTaste Group the plaque of “Alliance Original Member”. We-media “Farmers+” under the alliance interviewed RUAN Lian Ying ---the Director of Brand Management Center of SunnyTaste Group, and learned about the brand operation, product development, targeted poverty alleviation and other related planning of SunnyTaste Group. 



      After investigating SunnyTaste Group, brining the gold star products produced by SunnyTaste Group, the team of Yuanwei Farm Alliance attended Huazhong University of Science and Technology Alumni Association agricultural products display activities hold in Wuhan the next day. Of which, the Crackling Cucumber won the gold medal at China. Wuhan Agricultural Exposition was quite popular, and received unanimous praise from the participants. 



      Yuanwei Farm Alliance was established by 30 domestic first-class institutions, including: China Cross-Strait Agricultural Education Development Association, Beijing North Research Nature Education Technology Research Institute, Wuhan Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Science, Zhucheng Manor, Huazhong Agricultural University, etc., providing a public service platform for the exchange and cooperation of farmers across the country, it aims to promote the sharing of brand resources in the national eco-agriculture operation and achieve a win-win situation. 

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