SunnyTaste Running Pig Appearing in Exhibition of Special Agricultural Products of Huazhong Agricultural University

2018-01-26 13:49:45 webadmin 7

      On Jan. 12, 2018, Hubei TV Longshang Channel and SunnyTaste Group appeared in The Second Wuhan Exhibition of Special Agricultural Products of Huahzong Agricultural University hand in hand. 


      SunnyTaste Running Pig is the main product of SunnyTaste Group in this activity, its sales is hot on the first day of the exhibition. SunnyTaste Running Pig attracted a large number of customers to inquire and purchase with its native flavor through mountain feeding. 



      Meanwhile, in this Special Agricultural Products Exhibition, a professor in the field of agricultural research gave a high appraisal after careful observation of SunnyTaste Running Pig pork, and he believed that the quality of Running Pig pork is better than that of ordinary black pork. 

     The salesman of SunnyTaste Group said that: SunnyTaste Running pig has hybrid gene, free-range farming in mountains, the year-long growth cycle has given it a reassuring quality of meat, which is also an important reason why the Running Pig has been favored by customers and won high praise from experts since the exhibition. 


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