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At August 14 p.m., Hubei Provincial Jingmen People’s Congress Standing Committee Promoting Green Production of Vegetable Fruit Tea to Ensure Quality Safety Symposium & “Agricultural Products Quality Safety Jing-Chu Travel” was held at the meeting room of Jingmen People’s Congress Standing Committee. Deputy Director of Jingmen People’s Congress Standing Committee-XU Dao Lun, Deputy Director of Jingmen Municipal Bureau of Agriculture-ZHANG Fang Yuan, Deputy Director of Jingmen Food and Drug Administration-GUO Zhong Tao, Leader of Zhanghe New District NPC Liaison Group-GAO Dong Jie, deputies to the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of all counties, cities and districts attended this meeting. 

As one of the three preferred enterprises in Jingmen City, SunnyTaste Group gathered together with members of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress at all levels in Jingmen, to study general secretary XI Jin Ping’s “three rural” thought and the spirit of his important speech during his visit to Hubei, talk with each other about agricultural product quality safety laws and regulations and rural revitalization strategy, actively promote the development of quality agriculture, vigorously promote the agriculture in Jingmen developing from increasing production to improving quality, and give top priority to the quality and safety of agricultural products.

Steady Increase in Income and Quality Led the Way

Deputy Director XU of Jingmen People’s Congress Standing Committee mentioned at the meeting that, while insisting on meeting the ever-growing needs of the people, we must constantly draw a line of thought and give top priority to quality and safety in face of rapid development of agricultural.

Since its establishment, SunnyTaste Group has been adhering to the original intention of “Saving the Table”, and adhering to the concept of green and organic development for ten years, committed to providing safe food and healthy ingredients. The quality safety of agricultural products is related to people’s health and life safety, which is also an important factor to social development, harmony and stability.

Length of Combination and Ensure Production and Quality

Standing from the prsent and taking a long-term view, SunnyTaste Group introduced a better management mechanism on the premise of consolidating the group’s existing products and services, there should be a long-term planning goal of “Saving the table and providing food with conscience and confidence”, and short-term feasibility planning should also be considered, so that food safety is no longer a slogan, but a practical implementation plan.

During the ten years’ development, SunnyTaste Group has inherent geographical advantages, mature planting technology advantages and an excellent management team, which are all favorable conditions for promoting the sustainable and effective development of the group. Under the trend of developing from increasing production to improving quality, our group has been at the forefront of the market.

Adhering to the basic principle of quality first, SunnyTaste Group has extremely strict control system on the quality of various products. No matter it insist on their employees planting by agricultural method, planting by bacterial fertilizer, avoiding the use of herbicides, and weeding by artificial ancient method, it insist on returning the production environment to almost primitive state even though raising the planting cost; it employs professional inspection and testing experts and technical personnel to establish the inspection standards of five categories of products; quality traceability system was introduced. In order to guarantee the stability of product quality from production to output, SunnyTaste Group strives to create value for the society to the public, so that all the people in China can eat healthy and reliable agricultural and sideline products.

SunnyTaste Group will always follow the government’s steps to strictly control the quality of agricultural products. At the same time, as the city’s agricultural product quality safety work results benefit and practice of advanced representative enterprises, first of all, to vigorously promote agricultural production and quality improvement work; second, it should always put the quality and safety of agricultural products in the first place, It is necessary to take “Agricultural Products Quality Safety Jing-Chu Travel” each year as an opportunity to further consolidate the work of agricultural product quality safety. 

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