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Dear Leaders, Friends and Family Member of SunnyTaste Group:

Thank you for your continuous attention and support to SunnyTaste Group over the years, Year 2018 is SunnyTaste Group U.S. Stock Listing & the Company’s 10th Anniversary. Since the foundation of the company 10 years ago, under the strong support of leaders and friends from all walks of life, from a greenhouse fruit specialized cooperatives to today’s listed group company, which is the result of the joint efforts of all SunnyTaste people, and also the best return for all SunnyTaste people’s hard work.

In the past ten years, the company has gone through numerous trials and hardships and completed countless transformations, what keeps us going for ten years is our responsibility and the idea of saving the table. Ten years of testing, not easy, ordinary requirements can be done by one person, hundreds of people, and thousands of people, very difficult. I do not have fancy words, just a “real” heart. Start from the original specialized cooperatives, in strict accordance with the development idea of “High Starting Point Planning, High Standard Construction and High Quality Production” , based on high and new agriculture, ecological agriculture and leisure agriculture, around the integration of three products of “Production, Processing & Tourism”, after ten years of wind and rain, the platform development model of garden complex integrating leisure tourism, efficient breeding, intensive processing and urban services has been gradually built on the basis of agricultural breeding. At present, SunnyTaste Group has five parks and bases of 100,000 mu: SunnyTaste Eco-agricultural Park (Cheqiao Main Park), Mahe Ecological Homestead, Yulin Fishing Village Cultural Park, SunnyTaste Shayang Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden (Lishi Park) and SunnyTaste Changyang Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden (Changyang Park), and two breeding bases of Mahe Linxia Running Pig and Wantou Ecotype Pig.

Honor carries the past, development aims at the future. The success of the listing coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company’s establishment and the international capital market, which is an important milestone in the company’s development process and a new starting point, but also the key stage of the company development. The past decade has been a comma. The road ahead is full of both opportunities and challenges, but generally speaking, opportunities outweigh challenges. All SunnyTaste people will firmly grasp this precious opportunity and continue to work hard as always. “ Hop like a fish in the sea, fly like a bird across the sky”. I believe that as long as we based on the advantages, innovative concept, integration of resources, making the high-quality goods, the formation of talent and product advantage, we will be able to develop a wider new world, SunnyTaste Group in the next decade will make greater achievements.

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